Join us on Saturday May 21st for an immersive morning of sea swimming, sauna, breathwork, and meditation led by co-founder Anthony Mullally and team member and certified meditation teacher Naomi Robinson.


Cold Water Swim

We’ll start the day with a refreshing swim in the waves at Watergate Beach, just below the cliffs where our sauna sits. Cold water swimming has boomed in popularity and with good reason: regular conscious exposure to acute stress such as cold water encourages our physiology to adapt and positively impacts all areas of wellbeing, but even if you’re not a regular cold water dipper, the sense of achievement from stepping outside of your comfort zone and the following natural high will get your day off to the best start.


pouring water on the hot stones in a sauna


After the cold, comes the warmth. Anthony and Naomi will introduce attendees to the benefits of the heat of the sauna on their health, happiness and longevity. Enjoy some time in our cliff-top sauna taking in the view of the start of the day at Watergate Bay out of the panoramic window, interspersed with breaks and optional cooling freshwater showers just outside.


anthony mullally leading a breath workshop


Breathing is an action that we all do all day, every day. It is something that many of us overlook and take for granted. Anthony will lead breathwork exercises and techniques that will reconnect you with the power of your breath and teach you to master the rate and depth of your breaths. Breathwork is a stress-reduction technique that brings physical relaxation and peace of mind, and an active form of meditation that can positively influence our lives for optimal health.


sauna society meditation teacher naomi robinson


Naomi will close the morning with a guided meditation session, helping you to become aware of and focus on the present moment only, and settle your mind. There are many different ways and methods to meditate; it is an individual process and as a qualified teacher Naomi will be able to talk you through it. You will finish feeling calmer, more relaxed, and with greater clarity and focus.


How To Book

There will be just twelve spaces on this May workshop, 10 that will be available to be booked, and two prize spaces. It will be the first occasion where members of the general public will be able to experience our sauna at Watergate Bay, ahead of our opening on June 1st.


Tickets cost £25 per person, and can be booked by emailing us on info@sauna-society.com with May Workshop in the subject line.