When designing the Sauna Society experience, we wanted to create the best possible experience, and that meant working with the best specialists in each field.
The team at WildHut specialise in building beautiful mobile saunas. Based in West Sussex, they construct their saunas by hand using the finest materials. We’ve worked closely with them to design a structure that will provide a premium experience and which will fit perfectly within the natural environment.

illustration of sauna socitey sauna at watergate bay

How Are WildHut Saunas Built?

Our saunas are made from Canadian Western Red Cedar. Canadian timber is used rather than local British or European timber because the cold Canadian winters mean that the trees grow more slowly, resulting in tighter grain and better thermal insulation properties

The outside of the sauna is stained dark and varnished to protect it from the rain and salty elements alongside the Cornish coast, however inside the sauna you can expect to find the softer and warmer organic tones of natural wood, which cultivates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

Cedar has compelling thermal properties, but it isn’t enough to maintain the sauna’s interior temperature. Between the layers of wood we have used British sheep’s wool for insulation. This is drastically more environmentally friendly than its synthetic counterpart. British sheep’s wool is a carbon neutral insulator and more sustainable material for maintaining the temperature of WildHut saunas.

interior of a wildhut sauna

Our Huum Stove and Stones

We use Huum because of their history of building products that aim to create the best possible ‘leil’, the Estonian word for the intangible quality of a sauna’s steam. Our 17kw HIVE Wood stove is from their wood-fired range and is designed to burn sustainably sourced, air-dried timber. The heat from the stove is tempered using specially selected stones provided by Huum to create an ideal balance of heat distribution and optimal evaporation.

huum stove stones in a sauna

Designed Down To The Final Details

We have worked with the team at WildHut incredibly closely to create a design to our exact specifications. We knew we wanted a sauna that was conscious of comfort, built to last and would look at home on the Cornish cliffside. This means a contemporary architectural design, door handles that remain cool to the touch when internal temperatures can reach in excess of 40 degrees, and a large panoramic triple-glazed picture window to maximise natural light and make the most of our locations’ stunning views.

details of the exterior of a wildhut sauna showing outdoor shower

Our Saunas Are Mobile

Thanks to clever design, WildHut have been able to make this whole experience possible on wheels. That means that we’re able to bring our mobile sauna to you, should you desire. Please contact us if you’re looking for a personalised experience at your home or holiday accommodation.

We’re looking forward to the imminent arrival of our sauna on the cliffs above Watergate Bay. It’s on-course to arrive onsite in early May. We’re taking bookings for dates from June onwards – if you would like to secure a place for the summer season head over to our booking page to find out more.