Join us for our second Sauna Society workshop, taking place on the evening of Thursday July 14th at our clifftop sauna above Watergate Bay.

Sauna Society co-founder Anthony Mullally will be leading the event alongside our great friend and qualified yin yoga teacher Josh Bolding. The workshop will comprise of cold immersion and sauna (heat) bathing, as well as breathwork and yin yoga sessions within the Zen Den tent, just next to our sauna. The workshop will begin at 6pm and run until 9pm, and we’re asking attendees to please arrive by 5.45pm to give yourself the best opportunity to relax and enjoy the evening.

Watergate Bay is a beautiful location set overlooking Cornwall’s north coast. When attending the workshop, we will spend most of our time on the cliffs above the bay, enjoying the company of like-minded people, the beautiful natural environment and the warmth of the setting sun. The order and activities of the workshop have been chosen specifically to activate restorative processes within the body, leading to feelings of clarity, calm and creating a conscious balance between the body and the mind. We are excited to blend Josh’s understanding of yin yoga with Anthony’s leadership on breathwork and hot and cold immersion.

Ice bath

Anthony will start the workshop by leading an ice bath. After gathering everyone together and introducing the group we will be challenging our minds and bodies with an ice bath immersion. This practice is more intense than similar cold-water experiences like sea swimming. Ice baths have a range of effects on the body and the mind, activating neurological mechanisms that respond to the stress of cold temperatures. After the initial shock of cold water you will experience a sense of refreshed activation.

man in ice bath


After the cold of the ice bath, the sauna will flip the switch on the body’s temperature regulation mechanisms. The result is similar to that of high intensity training where the body and brain’s mechanisms are challenged by rapid changes in temperature. Some people call this practice contrast therapy and the resulting effects will continue even as you sleep, as the body’s physiological systems respond to the effects of the change in temperature activating healing mechanisms that restore damaged muscle tissue and resolve feeling of stress in the mind.



Focused breathwork is proven by science to be effective tool in combating stress, bringing about feelings of physical relaxation and peace of mind. It is one of the simplest yet most effective things that we can do support our physical and mental health. It may seem strange to choose to focus on our breath, an activity that we do automatically all day, every day, however modern science is now agrees with beliefs that yogis and meditation practitioners have held for years. We will introduce you to the core tools of breathwork and lead you through a practice that allows you to notice, control and regulate your breathing, facilitating feelings of relaxation, a sense of peace, and clear vision.


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a branch of yoga that focuses on maintaining specific postures for extended periods of time. As opposed to more dynamic forms of yoga, yin yoga is a slower practice that is slower and more meditative, giving you the space to focus on and consider the specific feelings of your body in different poses. The practice encourages you to breathe through your discomfort and exercise deeper muscle tissue, opening blockages and facilitating the pathways of energy that flow throughout the body. Josh will be leading the session as a practitioner devoted to helping others returning to a natural state of being, releasing tension in the body and allowing an ease of emotion and flow.


How To Book

There will be just twelve spaces on this July workshop. It will be the first evening sundown session and we are excited to bring Josh’s warmth and care to our sauna and workshop spaces.


Tickets cost £45 per person, and can be booked by emailing us on info@sauna-society.com with July Workshop in the subject line.